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Elementary Fine Arts

elementary fine arts

Visual Art 

The ability to develop and execute creative solutions prepares all students to reach their unique potential in our rapidly changing world. The elementary arts program provides students with the skills needed to communicate ideas visually both in the classroom and throughout their lives.

Our students become visually literate through the study of art from the past through present day, identifying how artists use visual representations to communicate ideas. Through aesthetics, art history, art creation and real world connections we empower students to recognize and understand the presence of art around them, opening their eyes to the creative spirit shared by people from all places, cultures, and times. The Barrington 220 Visual Arts curriculum additionally focuses on specific skill development which is scaffolded by grade level. 

General Music 

The Barrington 220 music curriculum balances skill development with creative, individualized self expression, placing an emphasis on problem solving skills and collaboration. Daily learning aligns to the National Core Arts Standards which embrace the importance of actively engaging students through the process of creating, performing, responding and connecting.
Students learn to organize and develop musical work, interpret music, and convey meaning through melody, rhythm, lyrics and performance. Additionally, students personally connect to societal, cultural and historical events as a vehicle to deepen their musical understanding and sense of self.

Specific skills are scaffolded to challenge and engage students musically. These include but are not limited to: melodic patterns, syncopation, pitch matching, musical improvisation, lyrical analysis, harmony, and  rhythmic patterns.  Students develop these skills through authentic musical experiences which involve movement, instrumentation, and vocal exploration. 

Band & Orchestra

Music is a form of human expression that is unique and essential. An ineffable form of art, music communicates ideas and emotions allowing for an aesthetic experience. A quality musical education serves to educate the whole child, and is an integral part of development. Through participation in the Barrington 220 Band or Orchestra Program, students will become literate in the elements of music, and develop a lifelong appreciation of the fine arts through instrumental practice and performance. In addition to enhancing their educational experience, students will benefit from a positive social/emotional classroom, building confidence and district-wide friendships. Barrington 220 believes in the fundamental process of creating, listening, evaluating, analyzing, and discovering meaning for a thoughtful and comprehensive musical education. 

  • Families can choose to join the 220 Orchestra Program beginning in 4th grade and the 220 Band Program beginning in 5th grade.
  • Students will participate in a weekly 30 minute lesson in a small group setting with their band or orchestra teacher during the school day.
  • Morning rehearsals are part of our instrumental music programs, running before the school day begins on a weekly basis. 

  • Band and orchestra students participate in multiple concerts during the school year, which are held outside the school day.