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Barrington 220 Fine Arts

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Creative involvement in the fine, visual and performing arts gives balance to the broad pattern of learning. Our fine arts curriculum challenges students to think creatively, encourages risk-taking, and enables students to apply their problem-solving skills beyond the classroom.

In Barrington 220 fine arts instruction begins at the elementary level with weekly experiences in general music and visual arts, and continues throughout elementary school. During middle school, instruction in drama, band, orchestra, choir and visual arts is offered to students, alongside after school arts opportunities.

By the end of their time in Barrington 220, approximately 1,400 high school students a year narrow their art focus at BHS, taking classes in areas such as dance, TV production, theater, choir, instrumental music, ceramics, woodworking, digital arts, graphic design, photography, drawing and painting, and jewelry making. A variety of co-curricular activities are offered to students at all levels, including musicals, plays, clubs, and instrumental performing groups. All arts-related curriculum and after school programming align to the National Core Arts Standards for dance, media arts, music, theater and visual arts.

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Brigid Tileston
Director of Fine, Visual & Performing Arts

Susan Buerckholtz
Fine Arts Facilitator

fine, visual & performing arts staff
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Julia Beatty

Digital Photography Teacher
Barrington High School

Janet Blake

Music Teacher
Barbara B. Rose Elementary School

Susan Buerckholtz

Fine, Visual & Performing Arts Facilitator
Barrington High School

Jason Burke

Ceramics Teacher
Barrington High School
1 2 3 12 > showing 1 - 4 of 47 constituents