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All in 220: The Quintana Family

When Jaime Quintana started working in Barrington in 1989 he was 20-years-old. Nearly 35 years later, despite being a man of few words, Jaime is perhaps one of the most well-known and recognizable staff members at Barrington High School. Jaime started out working as a night Custodial Supervisor, then moved on to the day shift for a decade. For the past 20 years, he has worked as the Warehouse Clerk at BHS.

“Jaime's official job title might be to manage our loading dock as the head of shipping & receiving, but he does so much more for BHS,” said Kurt Weisenburger, Interim Associate Principal for Facilities & Activities. Jaime manages the concession stand at home football games. He facilitates the scheduling of school vehicles and manages their performance. He works in building security after school. He is also a valuable member of weekly facility meetings at BHS, where he contributes towards the maintenance and upkeep of the school. "His work is integral in making BHS a great place to learn and teach," Weisenburger said. 

In 2015, Barrington 220 was lucky enough to add another member of the Quintana Family to its staff. Jaime’s wife Crystal joined the district, working as the Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Principal of Operations at BMS-Prairie Campus.

“Crystal embodies unwavering integrity, dedication, and a deep commitment to her work,” said Brad Gillette, Assistant Principal of Operations at Prairie Campus. “Her tireless work ethic is only matched by her genuine passion for ensuring that anything she is involved in is executed to perfection."Gillette says Crystal works around the district at various events helping students and staff. "She is someone who always finds the good in everything and views any circumstance in a positive light." Crystal still works as a Sponsor of the Yearbook Club at Prairie Campus, however, in 2023 she joined Jaime at BHS as the Administrative Specialist in the Safety and Security Department.

“I always say my husband is the famous one in the family and I can see why even more now that I am working at the high school with him,” Crystal said. “He is very well respected by the students, staff, and families in this community.”

Last school year, the Quintanas made it a true family affair when Jaime and Crystal’s son, Jay, began working as a Technology Support Technician, who is also based out of the high school.

“The Technology Department is fortunate to have Jay as a member of the team. He has shown he has the same commitment to hard work as his parents,” said Mark Polzin, Technology Support Supervisor. 

Collectively, the Quintana Family has nearly 45 years of serving the Barrington 220 community. They are dedicated employees who appreciate the opportunity to work with one another, as well as form long-lasting relationships with the staff, students, and community. “Our family has been blessed to work in Barrington 220 for such a long time,” Crystal said.