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Student Records

Barrington 220 collects and maintains student records in compliance with the Illinois School Student Records Act (105 ILCS 10/2) and the Illinois State Board of Education Rule 23 Ill.Admin.Code §375.10. All reasonable measures are taken to prevent unauthorized access to or the dissemination of student records. Parents have the right to inspect, copy, or challenge the contents of their child’s records. These rights become those of the student once the student reaches legal age. Requests to inspect, copy, or challenge student records should be directed to the Department of Student Services & Support. Access to records shall be granted within 10 business days of the receipt of the request. Parents requesting a copy of records will receive a web­-based link for access or can request a paper copy. The district charges $.15 per page for copying information in the student’s records. No parent/guardian or student will be precluded from copying information because of financial hardship. If a certified copy of an order of protection has been filed with the district, then that student’s records or information in the records of the protected child shall not be released to the person named in the order.

For students no longer enrolled in the district, requests to send records to the new school should be directed to: Jackie Nehs at or (847) 842-3509.