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Barrington High School

An estimated total of $62 million out of the $147 million referendum will be spent at Barrington High School, which includes all construction costs and non-construction items such as safety and security, furniture and technology. Construction at BHS began in Summer 2022 and is anticipated to run through 2025. Key projects include: 

  • New front atrium addition (this will be a commons area that serves as a flexible learning space, as well as a place where students can eat lunch, meet in groups, or work on individual projects) ✅
  • Existing student cafeteria renovation (Summer 2024)
  • Student Services area renovation: counseling, attendance, health services, dean’s office, wellness ✅
  • PE/Wellness interior renovation ✅
  • Renovation of existing commons to create new culinary arts lab* 
  • Parking lot reconfiguration to improve traffic circulation and safety ✅
  • Renovation of Fields of Dreams and varsity baseball field ✅
  • Installation of synthetic turf for new multipurpose field ✅ 
  • Replacement and relocation of tennis courts ✅
  • Replacement of phone system with new digital system 
  • General repairs/maintenance* 
  • Safety and security improvements*  
  • Architectural design work for potential new BHS Fine Arts Center ✅

*Indicates projects that are currently underway.
✅ Indicates completed projects. 

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Board of Education Updates

Auxiliary Gym

Construction is complete on the new auxiliary gym for students. (Photo: August 25, 2023)

Weight Room

Construction is complete on the renovation of the existing weight room. It is located next to the new auxiliary gym. (Photo: August 25, 2023)

Fitness Center & Dance Studio

Construction is complete in the athletic/P.E. wing of the high school, where there is a new auxiliary gym, weight room, fitness center, and dance studio. (Photo of the Fitness Center: August 25, 2023)

Health Services Office

Construction is complete on the new Health Services Office on the lower level of BHS. The new office is located near the current staff cafeteria. This was part of an effort to create a dedicated Student Services area which includes counseling, attendance, wellness, health services, and the dean's office. (Photo: August 25, 2023)

Front Parking Lot Renovation

The BHS parking lots have been reconfigured to improve safety and traffic flow. Visitors no longer have to drive around the entire building to exit the campus. Instead, the front parking lot connects to the Hart Road parking lot on the west side of the building. 

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BHS Main Entrance

A more visible entryway has been created at the main entrance to the high school (Door 45), which faces Main Street.

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BHS Commons (Level 1)

Inside the new front addition which will be visible from Main Street. This area will be a commons area where students can eat lunch, meet in groups or work on individual projects. 

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BHS Commons

A new front addition to the high school will be visible from Main Street. This area will be a commons area where students can eat lunch, meet in groups or work on individual projects. 

BHS Front Atrium

Construction on the new BHS Commons (front atrium addition) began prior to the start of the 2022-23 school year. It is expected to be completed in October 2023. (Photo: Oct. 27, 2023)

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