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Arnett C. Lines Elementary

Photo of construction kickoff

An estimated $5.7 million out of the $147 million referendum will be spent at Arnett C. Lines Elementary School, which includes all construction costs and non-construction items such as safety and security, furniture and technology. Key projects include:

  • Renovating the upstairs level where the art room is currently located to include a STEM space. (Art and Extended will remain upstairs as well)
  • Creating a new sensory space for students 

Construction at Lines will begin in Summer 2023 and is anticipated to run through Fall 2023. Click here to view the September 2022 Community Design Presentation

Construction Kickoff

A construction kickoff ceremony was held at Lines on May 15, 2023. 

Sensory Room

Rendering of the new sensory room for all students at Lines.

Art Room

Rendering of a renovated art room on the second floor of Lines.


Rendering of a renovated STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) space on the second floor of Lines.