Barrington High School Box Office

  • Arts patrons can avoid delays at the Box Office by using our secure online ticketing for fine arts events at Barrington High School, Station Middle School and Prairie Middle School. Patrons have the flexibility to select their seats, pay by credit card and print their tickets...all online and all at your convenience. 

    Fine Arts Boosters
    Please click here to read important information regarding your FAB member tickets.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Can I pick my own seats?
    Yes!  One of the great features of online ticketing is that you will choose the very seats that you would like for each performance.
    What forms of payment are accepted?
    Online purchases can be completed using Visa, Master Card and Discover Card.
    Does it cost more to purchase my tickets online?
    No!  Tickets prices are the same online or at the Box Office.
    How will I get my tickets?
    There will be a link to your tickets on the "Purchase Completed" screen.  You will receive a confirmation email that contains an "Admission Code".  If you do not receive this email, you have not secured your tickets.
    How do I print my tickets?
    Tickets should be printed from the "Purchase Completed" screen.  Tickets are in .pdf format, click here to download a free version of Adobe Reader.
    Why won't my receipt print?
    Transactions that total $0.00 will not generate a receipt.
    When do online sales end for a particular performance?
    Online sales end one hour prior to each performance.
    Is there a Will-Call desk?
    Because online ticketing requires payment when your seats are selected, there is no will-call.  If you are having difficulty printing your tickets at home, we will be happy to assist you at the box office.
    Can I display a copy of my ticket using my smartphone to gain admission? 
    Tickets displayed on a smartphone are not readable by our ticket scanners.  Please print hard copies of your tickets.
    Can I print more that one ticket on a page?
    Our system is currently set to issue one ticket per page.  When you purchase multiple tickets you may distribute tickets to each member of your party which is convenient when patrons are arriving at different times.
    Can I buy tickets at the door?
    Yes!  If there are seats remaining for a performance, you may purchase tickets at the door.
    What forms of payment are accepted at the door?
    Visa, Master Card and Discover Card are preferred forms of payment; however, we do accept check and cash as well.
    Can I buy tickets in person at BHS?
    Yes!  You may visit the Fine Arts office at Barrington High School the week of any given performance to purchase tickets.
    How do BHS students use their activity pass?
    Students wishing to use there activity pass must do so in person either at Fine Arts office or at the door.  Online activity pass tickets are not available.
    What will happen if I forget my tickets at home?
    In the event you leave your tickets at home, we can look up your ticket order at the box office.
    Can I exchange my tickets?
    Please try to plan in advance of purchasing tickets.  You may exchange your tickets online by using the "Exchange" link found in your confirmation email.  PLEASE READ THE EXCHANGE INSTRUCTIONS VERY CAREFULLY AND CONFIRM THAT YOUR EXCHANGE WAS SUCCESSFUL.  You will receive an opportunity to print your new tickets at the end of the process and you will receive a confirmation email.  If you do not receive an email confirming your exchange, your exchange has not been completed.
    All exchanges are 1:1, meaning that you may only exchange the seat location or performance, not the type of ticket (Adult, Child, Senior Citizen, etc...).
    When do exchanges end for a particular performance?
    The ability to exchange tickets ends 72 hours in advance of each performance.
    Can I receive a refund for my tickets?
    All ticket purchases are non-refundable 
    Who do I contact if I am having difficulty with my purchase?
    Please contact the BHS Fine Arts office at 847-842-3214