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    Blueprint 220 is a multi-year master facilities plan for all Barrington 220 buildings. As technology enhances the way children learn and education focuses more on critical thinking and innovation, the goal is to create facilities that will support our educational programs and prepare our students to be successful after high school.

    Since 1973, when the Barrington 220 School District was formed, our schools have played an integral role in shaping the Barrington area community. What started as a one room schoolhouse on Main Street in the 19th century, has evolved into 12 schools across the Barrington area, which include one early learning center, eight elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school.

    For more than 40 years, the community has invested in Barrington 220, knowing that quality schools create quality communities. That support has helped make Barrington 220 a destination district that offers many innovative programs for our students including: BHS-TV, BHS Business Incubator, Blended Learning, Chinese Immersion, Elementary STEM, Fresh INC, Health Sciences Lab at BHS, Mobile Apps Development, One to World, Project Lead the Way and Spanish Dual Language. 

    Now it’s time to think about the next 40 years. As technology changes and curriculum places more of an emphasis on critical thinking and innovation, the way our teachers educate and the way our students learn is evolving. Yet, our facilities have stayed relatively the same.

    The last time any of our schools saw significant building renovations was about 20 years ago. In the late 90s voters approved a series of referendums, so the district could reinvest in every school in the district, as well as build new schools at Barbara B. Rose, Roslyn Road, Countryside and North Barrington Elementary schools. To do this, the district issued more than $100 million worth of bonds, which are currently being paid off through annual property taxes.

    The debt from those bonds will be paid off after 2021, which creates a unique opportunity for the community to consider reinvesting in our schools. As we move forward in the Blueprint 220 process, the community will explore and eventually decide on the appropriate amount to reinvest, to ensure Barrington 220 remains focused on providing a world-class education to our students.

    Blueprint 220 gives our community the chance to 

    future ready FUTURE READY LEARNING

    “This is about so much more than just updating furniture and facilities. It's about taking student learning to a whole new level, one that will truly prepare our students for the unknown future of our workforce.”
    -Heather Chvojka (BMS-Station Math Teacher)
    stem STEM

    "Teachers today have the unique challenge of preparing students to solve problems that don't even exist yet. Our STEM spaces should mirror our expectations for student learning and be places students can develop the cognitive competencies necessary for future success."

    - Elizabeth Nelson, D220 K-5 STEM Teacher

    "Our students have the interest, the knowledge and most importantly, the ability to achieve at high levels in the Arts. Our current facilities, however, are holding back their experiences to a time and era that is long gone." 

    -Alison Rohrbach, D220 Music Teacher

    "Upgrading our athletic facilities with larger spaces and better equipment will give teachers and coaches greater opportunities to work more efficiently with our student-athletes. We want to maximize our students' talents and physical fitness levels."

    - Mike Obsuszt, BHS Athletic Director