• Hough Environmental awareness Committee

     The focus is on Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

     This committee works to help Hough students learn ways to respect their environment in many different ways. We would love to have your help! 

    • Cafeteria Food Recovery: To reduce waste in our cafeteria, each day students save perishable items from the school lunch program (such as milk, yogurt, cheese sticks and fruit) and non-perishable packaged items from home (granola bars, chips, etc.). Students are always encouraged to feed their bellies and their brains first, then to take home the food…but sometimes they are determined to throw it away. Mindful Waste’s food recovery program gives them another option, and one that is much friendlier to the earth. The food is delivered at the end of each week to the Barrington Township Food Pantry, and helps those in need in our local community.
      • Interested in helping out? We need volunteers to pick up the food from Hough each Friday and deliver it to the food pantry just two blocks away - you can bring your child(ren) along for this one! SIGN UP for one week or many!
    • Lunch Helpers: In the lunchroom, we need parent volunteers to help students sort their waste into liquids, recycling, compost, garbage and recoverable food. Our great sorting station makes it easy!  Plus see your child in action at school! 
    • Terracycle and Trex: These two programs help us upcycle some of our greatest sources of waste: GoGoSqueez-type pouches and plastic bags. Terracycle pays us 1 to 2 cents per pouch, and keeps the pouches out of the landfill. Trex turns plastic bags into composite decking material. 
    • Green Club: This student club is faculty sponsored with parent coordinators. It is open to 3rd-5th graders, and currently meets at lunchtime every two weeks. We learn about ways we can help the Earth and do lots of fun projects. We also partner with the Service Club on several of their wonderful activities. 
    • Earth Week: We are planning many fun school-wide activities for Earth Week in April. We would love to have your help!
    Questions? Ideas? Please contact Renee Blue or Lucinda McDonald.