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    Course Title

     Concert Choir
    Course Description:
    Concert Choir is a beginning class for students interested in learning how to sing and perform in a choral program.  Fundamental singing techniques and musicianship will be addressed through a variety of choral literature.  This class is open to both male and female students.  The choir will perform at the Holiday, Winter, and Spring concerts each year, as well as various other optional opportunities.  Fee: $15 
    Enduring Understandings:
    Artists communicate sensibility and meaning through visual and performing arts.
    Artists manipulate their medium to construct meaning.
    An artist's ability to listen and interpret affects his or her ability to understand the art.
    A level of proficiency is necessary to communicate an artist's intent.
    An artist's use of skills and techniques is a continual, repetitive learning process.
    Artists present finished products or performances.
    The critique process can lead to heightened awareness of aesthetics.
    Critiques promote the use of art vocabulary
    The critique process is a valuable analysis of what takes place intuitively.
    Essential Questions:
    How do form, content and context express and influence...?
    How do elements (nouns) and principles (adjectives)?
    How do skill and technique enable the creative process?How do we use critique to inform our art?
    Course Academic Vocabulary:
    tempo, rythm, harmony, timbre, melody, dynamics 
    Course Units / Topics of Study:
    Music Theory, Solfeg, Sacred and Secular Literature
    Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, 20th Century, Multicultural, Musical Theatre, (optional: Madrigal Literature)