Guided Study Student Academic Support

  • This support will take place in the 7th/8th grade room 301 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:40pm to 5:00pm.

    Supervisor: Shirley Ortiz,

    Program Overview: 

    • An afterschool work period where students are expected to bring work to complete in a smaller, closely supervised setting. 
    • This program is not a tutoring session, however supervisors will monitor student’s work closely, answer questions and offer support for all students.  
    • Information about the Guided Study program will be communicated to Prairie students in their advisory classes. 
    • This program exists to help the students academically. 
    • Teams will individually handle students that are absent/no show. 

    Referral Process: 

    • Teachers or students may refer to Guided Study.  If an individual teacher is making the referral, they must have parent consent for the student to stay.  Permission may be obtained several ways. An advance permission slip, indicating dates of attendance, a phone conversation, or e-mail with RESPONSE from a parent.  Teachers may not leave messages to notify parents. 
    • Teachers  may write a pass with detailed information regarding work completion.  Any worksheets or rubrics can be attached to the pass. 
    • Students may refer themselves, similar to the Media Center, in which they will report the assigned classroom. 

    Supervisor Responsibilities: 

    • Maintains the expectation of the program, including close supervision of student.  
    • Keep daily attendance log. 
    • Pick up daily the grade level folder with work to be completed by the students.  Return necessary work to teachers. 
    • Discipline as needed. 
    • Communicate any questions or behaviors with referring teacher.