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    Course Title: Health

    Course Description:
    Health Education is a state-mandated one semester course. Course content includes first aid instruction, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills, and the
    following health topics: mental health, nutrition, fitness, chemical dependency, sex education, life/death education and diseases.  There is a $10.00 course fee. 
    Enduring Understandings:
    Students will develop an enduring understanding that a person’s mental health affects their physical and social health.
    -Students will develop an enduring understanding that nutritional choices greatly impact a person’s quality of life.
    -Students will develop an enduring understanding that a person’s choices related to sexual activity have consequences.
    -Students will develop an enduring understanding that being physically active contributes to a healthy lifestyle.
    -Students will develop an enduring understanding that the use of medicines and drugs affect a person’s short term and long term health.

    Essential Questions:
    How does decision making affect the achievement of my health goals?
    How would I describe my current self image / level of self esteem?
    What are my personal strengths?
    What impact does stress have on the various areas my life?
    How do the decisions I make affect my health today and tomorrow?
    What is a healthy relationship?
    How and where can I find help when needed?
    What standard decisions should be made to live safely?
    How and where can I locate reliable health resources?
    How do my behaviors reflect my personal choices?
    What decisions should I make to be a wise consumer?
    What impact do our nutritional choices have on our health?
    Why is it important to maintain my energy balance equation?
    How can I resist unhealthy pressures?
    How would a pregnancy change my life?
    What role do medicines play in my life?
    What influences might lead a person to abusing drugs?
    How can I maintain a healthy social, emotional and physical lifestyle?
    How can I help others to be safe and healthy?
    Course Academic Vocabulary:
    unresponsive, life threatening emergencies, hypertension, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, airway obstruction, Pituitary gland, disease transmission, seizure, fainting, diabetes, Thyroid gland, pancreas, insulin, sprain, strain, heat stroke, beta-endorphins, empathize, stressor, resilient, Bipolar disorder, eustress, distress, passive, assertive, Immune system, Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, osteoporosis, basal metabolic rate, saturated fats, unsaturated fats, LDL (low density lipoproteins), HDL (high density lipoproteins), food borne illness, fallopian tubes, testosterone, estrogen, ovulation, contraceptives, conception, fertilization, monogamy, ectopic pregnancy, menstruation, antibiotics.
    Course Units / Topics of Study:
    Responding to Emergencies, Body Systems, CPR/First Aid, Mental Health, Nutrition,  Living-Dying-Grieving, Cancer/Fitness, Human Sexuality, Drug Education.