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    Course Title

     Fashion I
    Course Description:
    This course is designed to meet the needs of students interested in fashion and clothing construction.  Basic design and sewing skills will be taught and students will produce a portfolio displaying their products.  Students will construct a fabric bag and a garment, with emphasis placed on style, fabric choice and sewing skills.  The majority of equipment is supplied, however, students will be responsible for purchasing fabrics, patterns, and notions to complete their projects.
    Enduring Understandings:
    Fabrics are made from natural and synthetic fibers.
    Fabrics can be woven or knit.
    Patterns can be used to create garments.
    Pattern symbols will assist one in marking and matching up garment pieces.
    Accurate measurements are important when constructing garments.
    Specialized sewing equipment is used for constructing garments.
    It is important to know how to correctly use sewing equipment.
    A standard seam allowance is 5/8 inch.
    Specific construction techniques are important to construct a garment.
    It is important to finish seams for better wear and for a professional look.

    Essential Questions:

    What are natural and synthetic fibers made from?

    What are characteristics of natural and synthetic fabrics?

    What are the characteristics of a woven and knit fabrics?

    What factors should I consider when choosing fabrics?

    How do I care for fabrics?

    What are fabric grains and how are they used?

    How do I prepare fabric before cutting out?

    How do I use a sewing machine?

    What are machine parts and their functions?

    What are the various pieces of small equipment for and how do I use them?

    What is a serger and how do I use it?

    What are the various pieces of pressing equipment and how do I use them?

    How do I choose a pattern?

    How do I read the back of a pattern envelope for purchase information?

    What are the symbols and language of patterns and what do the mean?

    How do I determine what size pattern I need?

    How do I measure to the nearest 1/8 inch?

    What are appropriate measuring tools?

    How do I read and follow pattern directions for layout and cutting?

    How do I perform the various techniques needed to construct a garment?

    How do I mark fabric?

    How do I sew a standard seam?    

    How do I finish a seam?

    How do I sew a dart?    

    How do I sew a hem?     

    How do I sew a facing?   

    How do I grade, clip, notch, and trim a seam to reduce bulk?

    How do I hand sew a button, snap and hook and eye?

    How do I sew a buttonhole?

    How do I sew gathers?  

    Course Academic Vocabulary:
    Fabric    Seam     Dart
    Natural Fiber   Standard seam allowance  Gathers
    Synthetic Fiber   Seam finish    Notches
    Selvage   Serger     Back-stitch
    Woven    Tailor's ham    Stay-stitch
    Knit    Press     Hand wheel
    Lengthwise grain  Press cloth    Presser foot
    Crosswise grain  Pattern     Shears
    Bias    Press     Hem
    Arrow    Press cloth    Ease
    Mark    Button hole    French seam
    Dress maker's carbon    Bobbin     Top-stitch   
    Course Units / Topics of Study:
    Unit I:    Fibers and Fabrics
    Unit II:   The Sewing Lab
    Unit III:  Reading a Pattern
    Unit IV:  Garment Construction