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    Course Title

    Course Description:
    Open to freshmen and sophomores only
    Prerequisite: none
    Course classification: 3
    This course is designed to be a hands-on, exploratory introduction to the
    kitchen. Students will participate in the daily selection, planning, and
    preparation of a variety of recipes and cooking labs. Units of study will
    focus on a wide range of cookery including the preparation of breakfast
    foods, theme-party planning, cooking for convenience, and the fun food
    creations. A $35.00 fee is required.  
    Enduring Understandings:
    Maintaining a safe and sanitary kitchen can aid in promoting a kitchen free from germs, food borne illness, and kitchen accidents.
    Culinary skills include how to read and prepare a recipe, understanding cooking terminology, measuring ingredients correctly, and using the correct kitchen equipment for the intended purposes.
    Following nutritional guidelines and eating a well balanced diet that includes; breakfast, lunch, dinner, with snack and dessert options, promotes living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a healthy body weight.
    Yeast and quick breads use different leavening agents and require specific cooking techniques.
    Vegetables and fruits contain vitamins, minerals, and have various nutritional benefits.
    Food can be prepared and served to meet the needs of the intended audience and the event being held.
    Planning for an event requires preparing a food menu, identifying catering services, creating a guest list, with an invitation, and identifying shopping needs, while staying within a food budget.  

    Essential Questions:
    What constitutes a safe and sanitary food lab?
    How can kitchen accidents be prevented?
    What are the different small kitchen utensils and their functions?
    What are the appropriate techniques and equipment for measuring various ingredients?
    How are the various cooking terms that are common in recipes defined?
    How are the various knives used in food preparation?
    Why are the dietary guidelines important to understand?
    How are yeast bread and quick bread preparation different?
    How are grains used in food preparation?
    How do vegetables vary in the nutrients they provide?
    How do fruits vary in the nutrients they provide?
    How do you prepare eggs?
    How does milk vary in nutrients it provides between the different types?
    What are fun foods?
    Why is Breakfast the most important meal of the day?
    Why is it important to eat lunch?
    What is a balanced dinner?
    What are different types of desserts?
    What step should one take to plan a party?
    How do you create a menu?
    How do you create an invitation? 
    Course Academic Vocabulary:
    Food Safety & Kitchen Sanitation: Food Borne Illness, Staph, E.Coli, Salmonella, Cleansers
    Kitchen Equipment: Colander, Liquid/Dry Measuring Cups, Pastry Blender, Pastry Brush, Mixing Bowls, Pots/Pans
    Cooking Terms: Slice, Dice, Chop, Cream, Blend, Mix
    Measurements: Tablespoon, teaspoon, ounces, pounds, gallon, quart, pint
    Knife Skills: Chefs knife, Utility knife, Serrated knife, Paring knife
    Nutritional Guidelines: RDI, Food labels, Essential nutrients, Food Guide Pyramid(Plate), Meal planning(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
    Grains: Long grain, Quinoa, Brown Rice, Oats
    Yeast/Quick Breads: Leavening Agents, Functions of Ingredients, Proofing, Kneading, Fermentation, Muffin Method
    Fruits/Veggies: Botanical Names, tubers, Root, Bulb, Stems, Seeds, Leaves, Pomes, Drupes, Berries, Tropical, Seasonal
    Eggs: Parts of, yolk, egg whites, protein, Omelet, Scrambled, Deviled, Poached, Hard/Soft Boiled
    Dairy: Calcium, osteoporosis, yogurt, types of cheese
    Party/Event Planning: Food Menus, Invitations, Catering Services, Planning/Preparation Time 
    Course Units / Topics of Study:
    Glorious Grains
    Vibrant Vegetables
    Elegant Eggs
    Delightful Dairy
    Splendid Seafood
     Fantastic Fruits
     Pizzas w/ Pizzazz
    Brilliant Breakfasts
     Breezy Beverages
     Lovely Lunch
     Top Ten Super Foods
      Fun Foods
    Quick n’ Easy Dinners
     Delicious Desserts
    Party Planning