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    Course Title

    Creative Foods II
    Course Description:
    This class is designed to explore international cuisine, regional cooking, advance food preparation technique and careers in the culinary field.  Students will continue to practice the basics of food preparations including kitchen and food safety, basic nutritional needs, measuring techniques, and standard operation in the kitchen.  Students will also be able to learn and implement more advance techniques and experiment with a variety of different equipment.
    Enduring Understandings:
    Students will become a responsible citizen and leader in family, community, and work settings across their life span.
    Students will promote optimal nutrition and wellness across the life span.
    Students will manage resources to meet the material needs of individuals and families.
    Students will balance their personal, home, family and works lives.
    Students will use critical and creative thinking skills to address problems in diverse family, community, and work environments.

    Essential Questions:
    How does the location of a country influence the food consumed and produced there?
    What food, festivals, and celebrations are unique to specific countries?
    What countries use specific herbs and spices and why?
    Why does food vary based on the location of the region in United States?
    How did settler influence food made throughout the United States?
    What spices should be used with specific meats, vegetables, and fruits?
    What is the proper use of a double-boiler?
    When would you use a food torch?
    What is the purpose and use of a fondue pot?
    What is the proper way to use a food processor?
    How do you melt chocolate without scorching it?
    What is the hard ball stage in candy making?
    What are the origins of foods of the seven regions of the US?
    What cultural factors have affected the food customs of Mexico and South America?
    What are food customs specific to the different countries in Europe?
    Why and how have the customs of Europe evolved? 
    Course Academic Vocabulary:
    Food stylist
    Hard Ball
    Soft Ball
    Pennsylvania Dutch
    Cajun Cuisine
    Food Processor
    Course Units / Topics of Study:
    International Food
    Regional Food
    Herbs and Spices
    Small Appliances
    Candies and Chocolates
    Baked Goods
    Current topics in the Food Industry
    Culinary Careers