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    Course Description:
    This class is designed to show students the variety of roles that food plays in our lives and how to creatively use food to meet these roles.  Students will be able to create menus and meal plans for each of the different stages within the life cycle, along with, using food creatively in entertaining situations.  This class will allow students to learn and use a hands-on approach to change food from what you buy in the store to exciting and inventive creations.  Students will learn the basics of food preparations including but not limited to; kitchen and food safety, basic nutritional needs, measuring techniques, and standard operation in the kitchen. 
    Enduring Understandings:
    Students will become a responsible citizen and leader in family, community, and work settings across their life span.
    Students will promote optimal nutrition and wellness across the life span.
    Students will manage resources to meet the material needs of individuals and families.
    Students will balance their personal, home, family and works lives.
    Students will use critical and creative thinking skills to address problems in diverse family, community, and work environments.

    Essential Questions:
    What constitutes a safe kitchen?
    What are the names and uses for specific equipment in the kitchen?
    What are appropriate techniques for measuring the different types of ingredients?
    What are the differences between quick breads and yeast breads?
    What are the essential nutrients and why are they important to consume?
    What steps are involved in making pasta and pasta sauce from scratch?
    How do you meet the needs of specific dietary challenges?
    How does the design of kitchens affect food preparation?
    How do you design, create, and decorate a cake?
    What are garnishes and how do they increase the visual appeal of the meal?
    What are the steps in creating a pie with a baked filling or an unbaked filling?
    How do you prepare salad ingredients and assemble a salad?
    What are the two main types of soups and how are they prepared?
    What are the principles and methods of choosing, storing, and preparing meat?
    What are the principles and methods of choosing, storing, and preparing poultry? 
    Course Academic Vocabulary:
    Leavening agent
    Pastry blender
    Pastry bags
    Pasta machine
    Cardio Vascular Disease
    Essential nutrients 
    Course Units / Topics of Study:
    Stages in the Life Cycle
    Meeting Need due to Diet Challenges
    Kitchen Equipment and Design
    Cake Decorating and Design
    Fruit and Vegetable Garnishes
    Yeast Breads
    Meats and Poultry
    Creative Foods