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    Course Title

    Course Description:
    This course is designed to further skills and meet the needs of experienced students who have completed Fashion I and II, with a grade of “B” or higher.  Students will learn pattern making and construct a garment with emphasis on advanced sewing skills.   Students will participate in a student produced fashion show.  Students will be responsible for fabric, notions and pattern expenses.
    *Teacher recommendation is required.        
    Enduring Understandings:
    Creating basic patterns begins with a 2-dimensional piece of paper for drafting or muslin for draping.
    Flat-patternmaking begins with the draft of the basic dress foundation.
    The basic dress is the foundation upon which patternmaking, fit, and designs are based.
    The basic dress is made up of five distinct parts: a front and back bodice, a front and back skirt that hangs from the hip, and slim, full-length sleeves.
    Patterns confine the dimensions of the figure by a series of straight lines, curved lines and wedge-shaped darts.
    Darts convert a 2-dimensional pattern into a 3-dimensional garment.
    Darts can be converted into gathers or pleats.
    The three major patternmaking principles: Dart Manipulation, Added Fullness and Contouring are used to create different designs from the basic pattern. 

    Essential Questions:
    What is the standard ideal figure?
    What is flat-patternmaking? 
       What tools are required to make a pattern?
    What does a basic pattern set include?
    What is a sloper?
    What is a dart?
    What are the two methods for manipulating a dart?
    What is contouring?
    How is fullness added to a pattern?
    What is a balanced design?
    What is a working pattern? 
    How do I create a new design from a working pattern?  
    Course Academic Vocabulary:
    Pattern Drafting:                 Tools:                                  Balance:                       
    Flat-patternmaking             French curve                    Plumb line                     
    Dart manipulation              Tailor's curve ruler          Perpendicular line         
    Slash and spread               Tailor's square                 Vertical line                   
    Pivotal transfer                    Awl                                      Horizontal line                        
    Added fullness                   Tracing wheel                   Right angle                   
    Contouring                         Notcher                                Asymmetrical line
    Lengthwise grain              Hip curve ruler                  Symmetrical line                           
    Crosswise grain               French curve ruler            Balancing a pattern
    Bias                                     Pattern paper                    Hang                                
    Alignment                          Equalizing                            Trueing    
    Blending                            Basic dress foundation     Model Form:                           
    Sloper                               Standardization                   Basic pattern set              
    Standard ideal figure      Working pattern                   Perfect ratio measurements 
    First pattern                       Form                                     Production pattern 
    Marker maker                    Right side up                      Detail location  
    Style lines                          Dart intake                            Dart legs 
    Bust point                          Bodice                                   Muslin 
    Course Units / Topics of Study:
    I. The Workroom
    Patternmaking Terms
    Patternmaking Tools 
    II.  Model Form and Measurements
    Standard Ideal Figure
    Measuring the Form/Self
    My Personal Measurements  
    III. Pattern Drafting
    Dart Manipulation                
    a. Slash and spread               
    b. Pivotal transfer
    Added Fullness
    IV. Garment
    Produce basic pattern set            
    Design original garment
    Produce pattern for original garment
    Construct garment 
    Documentation of process