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    Course Title: Physical Education - Junior Leaders

    Course Description:
    This course is designed for students to develop their personal leadership skills and gain an understanding of key leadership qualities needed for a successful and productive life.  Through participation in this course students will be provided with opportunities to develop their leadership skills through practical application with peers, freshmen/sophomore P.E. students, Little Broncos and District elementary P.E. classes. Leadership skills will be developed by using initiatives, team building activities, cooperative based learning strategies and developing lesson plans to teach individual and team skills. Core knowledge of individual and team sports, fitness components, leadership styles and components will also be covered. This course also provides an opportunity for peer teaching, a senior leader shadowing experience, information on department safety procedures and training in American Heart Association CPR skills. Completion of the application process is necessary to be considered for this two year program. 
    Enduring Understandings:
    Leadership opportunities strength an individual's character.
    Teamwork is an essential component to achieve success.
    Critical thinking is necessary for problem solving activities.
    Proper technique is essential in skill development.
    There is more than one way to solve a problem.
    Communication is the key to all relationships.
    Developing leadership qualities increases an individual potential and opens endless possibilities. 

    Essential Questions:
    What are the key qualities of leadership?
    What is the value of teamwork?
    What is a successful leader?
    What are the types of leadership styles?
    Why is communication an essential component of leadership?
    Why is physical fitness important?
    How do you determine resting heart rate, working heart rate and target zone?
    What is the difference between dynamic and static stretching?
    What are the five components of fitness and the importance of each?
    What is the value of a personal fitness plan?
    What is the importance of life long fitness?
    Why is adaptability necessary in a leadership role? 
    Course Academic Vocabulary:
    Leadership, respect, responsibility, initiative, teamwork, attitude, dependability, perseverance, assertive, honesty, trust, citizenship, fairness, caring, accepting, role model, work ethic, commitment, resting heart rate, working heart rate, target zone, maximum heart rate, dynamic stretching, static stretching, fitness plan, Five components of fitness: cardio-vascular fitness, flexibility, muscular strength, muscular endurance and body composition, lesson objectives, debriefing, aerobic, anaerobic, core workout, isometric exercise, "Golden rule", organized, Ripple effect, comfort zone, bilateral breathing
    Course Units / Topics of Study: