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    Course Title: Junior/Senior Physical Education

    Course Description:
    The Jr/Sr curriculum for BHS is designed around different tracks that are offered to the student body.  The are 2-4 different tracks offered each class period (depending on the number of students that hour).  Each track offers 4 different units for the duration of the semester.  Each student is allowed to choose a 1st and 2nd choice at the beginning of the semester that will place them in their P.E. class for the semester. 
    Enduring Understandings:
    Teamwork is essential for positive results.
    All sports require practice to achieve muscle memory.
    A proper stance is essential when participating in sports.
    Body balance is critical to successful athletic performance.
    Proper hydration allows the body to perform at its potential.
    Critical thinking sport strategies must be learned to be successful.
    A basic knowledge of sport rules is essential to participation.
    Physical effort and positive attitude can overcome a lack of skill.

    Essential Questions:
    What is considered a "lifetime activity"?
    What are some of the benefits of weight training?
    Give examples of team sports and individual sports
    What is the difference between badminton and pickle?
    What is a sacrifice fly in softball?
    What are the resting strokes in swimming?
    What is the difference between aerobic and anaerobic activities?
    How many hits are allowed per side during a volleyball game?
    What is the difference between dynamic and static stretching?
    How do activities like basketball, hockey, soccer, and volleyball promote teamwork?
    Why is lacrosse a good activity for hand-eye coordination?
    How does ultimate Frisbee encourage communication within the group?
    Why is dance considered good activity for cardiovascular fitness?
    Why is fitness a vital component to a P.E. curriculum?
    Course Academic Vocabulary:
    step, knee lift, lunge, arm circles, smash, clear, foot fault, shuttlecock, dribble, fake, rebound, traveling, downward dog, plank, cobra, tree, warrior pose, center, wrist shot, blade, roughing, forward pass, offside, touchdown, incomplete pass, crease, face off, pocket, ground ball, goal kick, offside, throw-in, hand ball, error, on deck, tag up, base hit, freestyle, backstroke, flutter kick, glide, forehand, ace,  volley, let, fault, backhand, dump, huck, pick, bump, ace, serve, block, max, set, repetition, bench press, line dance, tango, ballet, square dance  
    Course Units / Topics of Study:





    Floor Hockey







    Ultimate Frisbee


    Weight Training