• Course Title: Sophomore Physical Education

    This course is designed to expose sophomore students to team and individual sports not covered freshmen year. Instruction will focus on strategies, concepts, rules definitions and skill related components as they pertain to each sport. The central focus of sophomore PE will be for students to design and implement an IFP (individual fitness plan) and assess their progress during the semester. The students will be trained and certified in AHA CPR. Students will be assessed both on physical participation and written tests. Finally, students will also improve their own levels of cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and body composition through fitness assessment and training ongoing throughout the semester. Students choosing to take the blended option with Sophomore PE will be required to pay a fee of $120.00. Those students will be given a brand new Fitbit HR3. This will be their watch to maintain and keep. It is necessary for the curriculum taught and for enrollment in Blended Sophomore PE.