• Open to freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors
    Prerequisite: sequential
    In this course the student explores the unlimited possibilities of creating works of fine and wearable art through the medium of printmaking. The four basic processes to be studied include etching, silkscreen (onto paper and clothing/fabric), relief and drypoint with variations and combinations of these processes. A drawing background would be helpful in this class. No prerequisite is required for Printmaking I. In Printmaking II, III and IV more explorative and experimental approaches to the above processes will be stressed. The cost of the graphic materials will be shared with the student according to individual needs and usage. Evaluation is based on effort and progress. Lab fee: $30.00.. All levels are welcome!  No prior art experience required; basic Adobe Photoshop skills will be taught.

    Enduring Understandings:

    • Artists communicate sensibility and meaning through visual & performing arts.
    • Artists manipulate their medium(s) to construct meaning.
    • An artist's ability to listen and interpret affects his or her ability to understand the art form.
    • A level of proficiency is necessary to communicate an artist's intent.
    • An artist's use of skills and techniques is a continual, repetitive learning process.
    • Artists present finished products or performance.
    • The critique process can lead to heightened awareness of aesthetics.
    • Critiques promote the use of art vocabulary.
    • The critique process is a valuable analysis of what takes place intuitively.

    Essential Questions:

    • How do form, content and context express and influence meaning?
    • How do elements and principles facilitate the creative process?
    • How do you skill and technique enable the creative process?
    • How do we use critique to inform our art?

    Course Academic Vocabulary:

    • Composition
    • Line
    • Form
    • Shading
    • Opaque
    • Transparent
    • Edition
    • Tools used (brayer, screen, emulsion, etc.)
    • Printmaking processes covered (see units of study)

    Course Units / Topics of Study:

    • Monoprint
    • Stencil
    • Screen Print
    • Relief Print
    • Paper Lithography
    • Intaglio
    • Image Transfer
    • Mixed Media/Experimental Work