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    Course Title: Freshman Physical Education

    Course Description:
    This course is designed to expose all freshman students to various team and individual sports.  Instruction will focus on movement skills, strategies, and rules as it pertains to each sport.  In addition, students will participate in various fitness activities, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Fitness concepts include flexibility, strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, speed, and agility, which will be tested periodically 
    Enduring Understandings:
    • Teamwork is essential for successful results.
    • All sports require practice to achieve muscle memory.
    • A proper stance is essential when participating in sports.
    • Body balance is critical to successful athletic performance.
    • Proper hydration allows the body to perform at its potential.
    • Critical thinking sport strategies must be learned to be successful.
    • A basic knowledge of sport rules is essential to participation.
    • Physical effort and positive attitude can overcome a lack of skill.

    Essential Questions:
    • Why is physical fitness important?
    • What are some examples of aerobic activities?
    • Which activities are anaerobic?
    • What is your personal target heart rate? How is it calculated?
    • What are the 6 components of fitness?
    • Where on the exchange zones on the track?
    • What are the benefits of pace when running?
    • What leg do you takeoff from when jumping?
    • Who is the anchor on a relay team?
    • Can you demonstrate the following volleyball skills: serve, set, spike, pass.
    • How does a team rotate during a volleyball game?
    • Where is the serving line?
    • Which kick is used while freestyle swimming?
    • Which kick is used while swimming the breaststroke?
    • How do you breathe correctly while freestyle swimming?
    • Can you demonstrate proper head and arm position while backstroking?
    • What is the proper way to catch a ground ball and fly ball.
    • What is the proper stance while hitting?
    • How do you keep score in tennis?
    • What is the proper way to grip a racquet?
    • Can you demonstrate a backhand, forehand, and overhead serve?
    • How do you keep score in a badminton game?
    • Can you demonstrate a drop shot, smash and underhand serve?
    • How does a soccer game start?
    • When is a corner kick called?
    • What is a goal kick?
    • Can use demonstrate punting, dribbling, shooting, throw-in and shooting?
    • What is the line of scrimmage?
    • How do you throw a spiral?
    • What is the proper way to catch a football above your waist and below your waist?
    • Can you demonstrate various pass routes?
    • What is your takeoff leg when performing a layup?
    • What is the proper hand position on a basketball when shooting?
    • Can you perform a bounce pass and a chest pass?
    • What is the proper way to dribble a basketball?

    Course Academic Vocabulary:

    • exchange zone                pace                       discus                   dribble
    • corner kick                     throw-in                  snap                      interception
    • line of scrimmage           dig                           set                        serve
    • flutter kick                      whip kick                length                   rally
    • forehand                         drop shot                 smash                   birdie
    • lay-up                             jump ball                  bunt                     stance
    • bounce pass                    run down                aerobic                 anaerobic
    • target heart rate             agility                     strength               endurance
    • cardiovascular                 power                  


    Course Units / Topics of Study:
    • Basketball               Volleyball            Soccer                     Football
    • Fitness                    Track/XC             Swimming               Softball
    • Badminton               Tennis