Infinite Campus Emergency Notification System

  • Barrington 220 has an emergency notification system that delivers recorded phone, email messages, and/or text messages when schools close due to inclement weather, or other emergencies.

    Parent information in Infinite Campus is used to contact parents by phone, email, and/or text..  

    Parents are encouraged to review phone and email numbers in the Parent Portal for accuracy.  Below are some Frequently Asked Questions which address additional questions you might have regarding the emergency system. Barrington 220 will continue to communicate in a timely manner if urgent circumstances arise this school year.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I check my currently listed phone numbers and emails in the Student Information System? 

    You can verify/modify this information by visiting the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.

    Is there a way to confirm the first phone contact and suppress additional phone calls?

    Yes, press “C” at any point during the message to suppress additional phone calls.

    How do I change my email through Infinite Campus Parent Access? 

    Navigate to Infinite Campus and sign in. Click on 'Household Information' to modify your home phone or 'Family Members' to update the cell, work or other phone as well as email addresses.  

    What should I do if I don't have a login to Infinite Campus?

    All parents should have an Infinite Campus Parent Portal account.  If you do not have login information, please contact the Infinite Campus hotline at 847-842-3580.

    What other ways can I find out about school closures or emergencies? 

    Besides telephone, email and text, all information regarding schools closing will be posted on the Barrington 220 website, social media, and released to local media.