School Messenger Emergency Notification System

  • Barrington 220 offers an emergency notification system to deliver recorded phone or email messages whenever schools close due to inclement weather, if schools are to dismiss students early, or for some other emergency.

     With this emergency notification system, four phone numbers (home and additional phone numbers at which parents/guardians may be contacted) and one email address for each guardian have been imported into the School Messenger system.  The information was taken from the Infinite Campus student records database.  Student records also contain Emergency Contact Information with the names of individuals the school may call if the parents are unavailable.  The Emergency Contact Information is NOT imported into School Messenger.

    Unless you need to update phone numbers or email addresses, there is nothing more you need to do. It is that easy!  Below are some Frequently Asked Questions which address additional questions you might have regarding School Messenger. Barrington 220 will continue to communicate in a timely manner if urgent circumstances arise this school year.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I check my currently listed phone numbers and emails in the Student Information System? 
    You can verify/modify this information by visiting the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.

    How many times will I be called if I have children in more than one school? 
    With the new student information system, all phone numbers/email addresses are associated with your household and will be called.

    How many phone numbers and email addresses will be ported to School Messenger for the Emergency Notification
    Per household, one home phone plus a work, cell and 'other' phone and one e-mail address (per parent/guardian). 

    How do I change my email through Infinite Campus Parent Access? 
    Navigate to Infinite Campus and sign in. Click on 'Household Information' to modify your home phone or 'Family Members' to update the cell, work or other phone as well as email addresses.  

    What should I do if I don't have a login to Infinite Campus?
    All parents were mailed their Parent Portal access letters this summer.  If you do not have login information, please contact the Infinite Campus hotline at 847-842-3580 to request a duplicate parent portal activation letter.

    What if I don't have access/use the Internet and want to update my phone or email addresses?
    Please call the Central Registrar at 847-842-3512 to update these records – this is only available for parents who do not have computer access.

    Can I receive a text with School Messenger? 

    What other ways can I find out about school closures or emergencies besides School Messenger? 
    Besides telephone and email, all information regarding schools closing will be posted on the Barrington 220 website, on Facebook and Twitter, and released to local media.