We welcome ideas from District 220 community members for projects that help bring more to the classroom.  Some considerations to keep in mind:
    --What need does the idea address?
    --What grade level of students or department would the idea impact?
    --How many students are impacted by the improvement or innovation?
    --How does the idea enhance students' or staff members' educational experience?
    --Once the initial project year is complete, is the ongoing cost of the innovation sustainable with District funding?
    --Does the idea help inspire learners to achieve excellence?
    Please address all of the above questions when submitting your request.  Generally, funding for a project is a one time grant. At times, the grant funding may be spread over a limited time frame, e.g. two year period.
    Write a brief description of your idea and send it to our Projects Chairperson at 220foundation@gmail.com.  
     Thank you for your thoughtful ideas!  Together, we are transforming the classroom.