What We Do

  • The PTO provides many opportunities, events and assistance, along with the  purchasing of equipment that will be beneficial to all of the students and staff of Sunny Hill.

    In years past, we have purchased books for the classrooms and library and tools for the custodial staff, we've provided yearbooks for the 5th grade, and have created the year book and student directory for each year. We purchased some of the playground equipment, the marquee at the entrance to the parking lot and the glass display boards for notices outside the front doors. We have helped pay for field trips, the field day inflatables and have arranged some of the assemblies for the students, as well as all book fairs and picture days. We purchased cameras for use of the students and staff, and this year we raised enough money through fundraisers to help purchase an ELMO board, a portable score board for away games and the list goes on...

    We believe it isn't just about helping out in our own child's classroom. It isn't just about building a good relationship with our child's teacher for the current year. It isn't just about going on field trips as a chaperon or helping in the classroom during a party. We believe it is about helping ALL of the children at Sunny Hill and what will benefit the students as a whole. It is about building good relations with ALL faculty and support staff. Not just the teachers and the Principal; but the aides and special's teachers; from the custodial staff to the front office secretaries; from the school nurse to the lunch room/kitchen staff. It is about building good relations with other parents as well.  It is about donating  your creativity and a little bit of personal time to assist with various events held at the school, both during the day and in the evening.

    If every parent and teacher would consider donating just 2 hours of their time for any event of their choosing over the course of the school year, we could accomplish so much more!! We understand that everyone can't be involved in every activity - but we want everyone to remember that every little bit helps!!

    There are so many ways parents and teachers can be involved:
    -- decorating and updating the birthday board each month;
    -- assisting in sorting fundraisers when they arrive so they can be sent home;
    -- serving popcorn and drinks during the dance;
    -- ticket sales at the doors at any event;
    -- sitting at the table during book fair ringing up sales during lunch hours or during conferences;
    -- standing at the back hallway of book fair in case any one needs assistance or to straighten shelves;
    -- writing down wish lists for the younger kids during the book fair preview;
    -- helping the PTO officers organize the students as they wait to have their pictures taken;
    -- helping the officers serve the staff a meal during events when we show our appreciation;
    -- updating the marquee each month with the schools events;

    There is always a way to offer support and to help us make each year as successful and fun for the children as we can. There are even ways to give support from home, by clipping box tops and by collecting Tyson's labels and Swiss Valley gallon milk and juice caps....

    We have over 400+ students at our school and we parents of the PTO do our best to benefit them all in any way we can. So that our children, all of our children, can have the best possible experiences and opportunities available.
    Please consider joining us at a meeting to hear more about all that we do and how you too can help support our school.

    We look forward to meeting you and working with you,
    The Sunny Hill PTO
    Email us anytime with your ideas or comments!