Library Policy

  • Check Out Policy

    • Students may check out books at any time during the school week.
    • Books may be kept for one week with the option to renew for an additional week or longer if needed.
    • Additional books may be checked out for classroom research projects and assignments.
    • In order to ensure that all students have equitable access to the library's materials, students are asked to return items by their due date.
    Kindergarten: One book prior to Halloween, and two thereafter.
    Grades One through Five:Three items (includes magazines) or more if required for assignments

    Overdue Policy

    Overdue reminders are printed approximately once a month.  There are no overdue fines.  Any lost or damaged books need to be paid for as soon as possible.  If a book is found and returned, a refund will be issued.  All money is put into a library account to replace lost and damaged books.

    If you have any questions about any library policy, please contact Mrs. Lang at