• The PTO publishes a full-color yearbook at the end of each school year. The yearbook is compiled under the direction of a Yearbook Coordinator, with the help of parent volunteers. Parents can volunteer to help take photos of the school’s sports and clubs, or to help out with the general graphic design of the yearbook. 
    In addition, each classroom has a Yearbook Classroom Liaison. The Classroom Liaison is in charge of capturing the memories of his/her child’s classroom, and either takes or coordinates the taking of photographs throughout the year. The photos generally depict events such as plays and field trips, as well as everyday classroom life. The volunteer then arranges the photos on a digital page using web-based software.
    To order a Yearbook for the 2015-16 school year ONLINE, please click HERE.
    To read about and find links regarding NBS PTO school supplies, yearbook ordering, and PTO fees for 2015-16, please click HERE. 
    Please refer to the 2013-14 PTO Slate to find the current Chair of this committee as well her his/her contact information.