NBS PTO Bylaws



    ARTICLE I: Name
    SECTION 1.
    The name of this organization (corporation) shall be the North Barrington School Parent Teacher Organization, hereinafter referred to as the “PTO”.
    SECTION 2.
    The Corporation is a not for profit corporation, (Section 501 C (3)) organized and controlled by the laws of the State of Illinois.
    ARTICLE II: Purposes
    SECTION 1.
    To develop a spirit of cooperation and understanding among the school administration, teachers and parents that will secure for every child the highest advantages in physical, mental, social and moral education.
    SECTION 2.
    To develop and support programs that will improve the environment and facilities of the School.
    ARTICLE III: Fiscal Year
    SECTION 1.
    The fiscal year of the PTO shall correspond to that of Community Unit School District 220, that is July 1 to June 30.
    ARTICLE IV: Policies
    SECTION 1.
    The programs of the PTO shall be educational and of service to all the children and the school.
    SECTION 2.
    The Organization shall not seek to direct the administrative activities of the school or District 220 or to control its policies.
    SECTION 3.
    The Organization will seek to secure broad participation of its members using events, committees and projects as the primary means of achieving its purpose. It will seek to develop a sense of community among parents and teachers through social opportunities.
    SECTION 4.
    This organization shall be noncommercial, nonsectarian, and nonpartisan. No commercial enterprise and no candidate shall be endorsed by it. The name of the Organization or the names of its officers in their official capacities shall not be used in any connection with a commercial concern or with any partisan interest or for any purpose other than the regular work of the Organization.
    SECTION 5.
    Only committees associated with the North Barrington School shall be able to participate in any PTO sponsored activity.
    ARTICLE V: Membership and Dues
    SECTION 1.
    Membership in the PTO shall be open to all parents or guardians of pupils enrolled in North Barrington School, upon payment of annual dues per family unit. The dues requirement may be waived such that no family shall be excluded because of the inability to pay annual dues.
    SECTION 2.
    The membership year shall be from September 1 to August 31, and anyone joining during the year shall pay dues for that year.
    SECTION 3.
    The PTO Board prior to the annual enrollment of students shall establish the annual dues.
    SECTION 4.
    The privilege of holding office, introducing motions, debating and voting shall be limited to members.
    SECTION 5.
    The Principal and each member of the faculty of North Barrington School shall be automatically awarded membership in the PTO.
    ARTICLE VI: Meetings
    SECTION 1.
    Regular meetings of the Organization shall be held monthly during the school year unless otherwise determined by the Organization or by the Executive Board. A calendar of meetings shall be published in September and adequate notice shall be provided of date/time changes.
    SECTION 2.
    The Executive Board may call additional meetings of this Organization with not less than five (5) days notice having been given.
    SECTION 3.
    A simple majority of members in attendance shall constitute a quorum with a simple majority carrying all motions (unless otherwise stated in the Bylaws) for the transaction of business in any General or Special meeting of the PTO.
    ARTICLE VII: Nominating Committee
    SECTION 1.
    The Nominating Committee of the PTO shall consist of five (5) members: the Chairman of the Nominating committee shall be the 3rd Vice President. The Executive Board will appoint four (4) additional members. An attempt shall be made to appoint members representing all geographic areas of the North Barrington School attendance area.
    SECTION 2.
    In the event that any member of the Nominating Committee wishes to be considered for the office of President, they shall first resign from the Nominating Committee and the Executive Board shall select a replacement. In the event the 3rd Vice President is interested in running for the President, the 3rd Vice President will step down and be replaced by one of the two remaining Vice Presidents whose term expires at the end of the present school year.
    SECTION 3.
    The names of individuals serving on the Nominating Committee shall be made known to the full membership by the March PTO meeting. The PTO shall vote to approve the Nominating Committee at the March meeting. The full membership should be encouraged to submit names of qualified candidates to the Nominating Committee.
    SECTION 4.
    The Nominating Committee shall meet as a whole prior to any board positions being filled. Additional meetings of the Nominating Committee will be held until all positions are filled. Every effort will be made by the Nominating Committee to fill each position prior to the April meeting. In the event a position is not filled, it will be left open until the first PTO meeting at the beginning of the next school year. After the slate is filled, it shall be circulated to all Nominating Committee members for final review and approval prior to posting.
    SECTION 5.
    The Nominating Committee will compile a written list of all committee and Executive Board positions that are open for the coming year. Then the Nominating Committee shall select a chairperson and co-chairperson for each committee to be filled.
    SECTION 6.
    The Nominating Committee shall post the proposed slate on the PTO website and in the weekly newsletter at least seven (7) days prior to the regular meeting in April and report its selections to the Organization at the regular meeting in April.
    SECTION 7.
    Following the report of the Nominating Committee, an opportunity shall be given for nominations from the floor. Only those who have consented to serve, if elected, shall be eligible for nomination, either by the committee or from the floor. The slate shall be voted on at the April meeting.
    ARTICLE VIII: Executive Board Officers and Their Election
    SECTION 1.
    The Officers of this organization shall be President, four (4) Vice Presidents, a Secretary and a Treasurer, also known as the Executive Board. At the discretion of the Nominating Committee, any Vice President position can be filled by two people.
    SECTION 2.
    The Chairperson of the Nominating Committee shall present the Slate of Officers selected by the Nominating Committee at the regular April PTO meeting. If there are nominations from the floor, the election shall be by ballot for the proposed Slate; if not, the Secretary shall be authorized to cast a unanimous ballot for the proposed Slate. A majority of votes cast shall elect any member to Office.
    SECTION 3.
    Officers shall be installed and assume their official duties at the close of the regular meeting in May and shall serve for a term of two (2) years and/or until their successors are elected, or if circumstances deem otherwise. The term of the Treasurer will not conclude until the fiscal year ends June 30.
    SECTION 4.
    A vacancy occurring in an Executive Board position shall be filled by a majority vote of the remaining members of the Executive Board. In case of a vacancy in the office of President, the 1st Vice President shall serve until the next election.
    ARTICLE IX: Executive Board
    SECTION 1.
    Meetings shall be held at the call of the President or a majority of the Executive Board. Seven (7) days notice shall be given. A majority shall constitute a quorum.
    SECTION 2.
    The newly elected Executive Board shall meet at least once before the end of the current school year to plan PTO activities for the following school year.
    SECTION 3.
    The Executive Board shall meet at least five (5) days prior to the regularly scheduled monthly PTO meeting to prepare and discuss items for inclusion at the regular PTO meeting.
    SECTION 4.
    The Executive Board shall act for the PTO membership as a whole when an immediate decision is required.
    SECTION 5.
    The duties of the Executive Board as a whole shall be:
    a) To attend all monthly PTO Board meetings and all Executive Board meetings.
    b) To transact necessary business in the intervals between PTO meetings and such other business as may be referred to them by the PTO.
    c) To review an agenda for the regular meeting of the PTO.
    d) To approve the plans of all Committees.
    e) To present a report of the PTO activities at the regular meetings of the PTO.
    f) To prepare and submit to the PTO for approval a budget for the fiscal year.
    g) To approve all expenditures up to $500 outside the limits of the general budget.
    h) To take such actions as are consistent with the purposes of the PTO.
    SECTION 6.
    Such special committees shall be created by the Executive Board, the PTO Board or the President as may be required to promote the purposes and interests of the PTO. If such special committees are appointed by the Executive Board or the President they shall be reported and explained to the PTO at its next regular meeting.
    ARTICLE X: Duties of Officers
    SECTION 1.
    a) The President shall preside at all meetings of the PTO and the Executive Board and shall be ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.
    b) Shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed by these Bylaws or assigned by the PTO or by the Executive Board.
    c) Shall, in collaboration with the Principal, set the dates for the meetings, fundraisers, programs, and assemblies and direct the Secretary to notify the members.
    d) Shall prepare and present an Agenda for the meetings of the Executive Board.
    e) Shall be familiar with Robert’s Rules of Order and be capable of providing parliamentary advice when necessary.
    f) Shall attend, or designate another officer to attend PTO President’s Council meetings or other meetings pertaining to PTO’s involvement in the community, and report to the organization regarding the same.
    g) Shall be responsible for providing current documents, to be included with the permanent records to the District 220 Administrative Office.
    h) If deemed necessary by the Executive Board, appoint an unbiased accountant for closure of the treasurer’s books and preparation of state and federal tax returns not later than the final meeting of the fiscal year.
    i) In cases where the Executive Board’s votes are tied on any issue, the President’s vote shall be the deciding vote.
    j) Shall serve as a standing member of the Way and Means committee.
    k) Responsible for overseeing the Volunteer Coordinator.
    l) Attend the first planning meeting of the committees for which they are responsible and oversee the committee chairpersons.
    m) Shall review the PTO newsletter and PTO website periodically. 
    SECTION 2.
    First Vice President- Fundraising Committees
    a) Shall in the absence of the President, assume the responsibilities and exercise the powers of the President.
    b) Shall be familiar with Robert’s Rules of Order and capable of providing parliamentary advise when necessary, and shall serve as an aid to the President.
    c) Attend the first planning meeting of the committees for which they are responsible and oversee the committee chairpersons.
    d) Coordinate the timely news and committee reports of the Fundraising Committees for the general meeting and submission to the North Barrington School PTO Newsletter e-Team chairperson.
    SECTION 3.
    The Second Vice President- Service Committees
    a) Shall in the absence of the President and the First Vice President, assume the responsibilities and exercise the powers of the President.
    b) Attend the first planning meeting of the committees for which they are responsible, review with said committees their budget and communication procedures and oversee the committee chairpersons.
    c) Coordinate the timely news and committee reports of the Service Committees, for the general meeting and submission to the North Barrington School PTO Newsletter e-Team chairperson.
    SECTION 4.
    The Third Vice President- Special Programs
    a) Shall have responsibility for coordinating the PTO sponsored special programs.
    b) Shall coordinate all enrichment programs.
    c) Shall act as the Chairperson of the Nominating Committee and shall present the proposed slate to the Executive Board prior to the April meeting.
    d) Attend the first planning meeting of the committees for which they are responsible, review with said committees their budget and communication procedures and oversee the committee chairpersons.
    e) Coordinate the timely news and committee reports of the Programs Committees for the general meeting and submission to the North Barrington School PTO Newsletter e-Team chairperson.
    SECTION 5.
    The Fourth Vice-President- Family Outreach
    a) Shall have responsibility for coordinating family outreach activities.
    b) Attend the first planning meeting of the committees for which they are responsible, review with said committees their budget and communication procedures and oversee the committee chairpersons.
    c) Coordinate the timely news and committee reports of the Family Outreach Committees for the general meeting and submission to the North Barrington PTO Newsletter e-Team chairperson.
    SECTION 6.
    The Secretary
    a) Shall keep the minutes of the proceedings of all meetings of the PTO Board and post them within seven (7) days after the meeting.
    b) Shall be responsible for the Attendance List of the general meeting.
    c) Shall provide notice to the general membership of the meetings.
    d) Shall prepare, coordinate, and distribute the agenda, one week prior to a general meeting.
    e) Shall handle such correspondence of the organization, including letters of appreciation.
    f) Shall act as public relations coordinator for the PTO in all media related activities and oversee the e-Team.
    The Treasurer
    a) Shall be in charge of all funds belonging to the PTO and keep an accurate account of all its receipts and disbursements.
    b) Shall pass out funds only as authorized by the Executive Board up to $500 (if need prior to the next general PTO meeting) or the Committee Chairs over $500, at a general PTO meeting, unless the request for funds exceeds the committee's annual budget.
    c) Shall be in charge of the collection of all PTO dues, yearbook fees and any other PTO fees deemed appropriate by the Executive Board.
    d) Shall present a statement of account at every meeting of the Executive Board and at the PTO Board meetings.
    e) Shall together with the Executive Board prepare an Annual Budget to be presented at the last meeting of the school year to the new Executive Board for approval by the PTO Board. The Budget will then be presented again for informational purposes at the first PTO meeting of the new school year.
    f) Shall be responsible for all bank transactions.
    g) As a 501 (C)(3) organization, the Treasurer shall ensure that all appropriate federal and state tax returns forms are filed annually and in a timely manner. If deemed necessary by Executive Board, submit the books for examination by an independent auditor. Once the auditor is satisfied that the annual report of the Treasurer is correct, he or she shall prepare and sign a statement to be incorporated with said report in a timely manner.
    i) Shall provide the President with copies of the monthly bank statements.
    j) Shall serve as a standing member of the Way and Means Committee.
    SECTION 1.
    The PTO Board shall consist of the Executive Board, the Committee Chairperson(s), a teacher representative and the principal of the school.
    SECTION 2.
    The duties of the PTO Board as a whole shall be:
    a) To evaluate and approve the plans of work by all PTO committees.
    b) To review and approve the proposed budget for the upcoming year presented by the Executive Board.
    c) To review and approve expenditures not specified in the budget.
    ARTICLE XII: PTO Committees
    SECTION 1.
    The duties of the PTO Committee Chair shall be:
    a) Shall be responsible for all procedures as described in the committee binder passed on by the prior committee chairperson. All committee chairpersons are responsible for reviewing all information contained in these Bylaws.
    b) Shall make every effort to attend the initial PTO meeting as well as regular PTO meetings prior to and following their committee’s event/function.
    c) Shall report to the appropriate Executive Board Member overseeing their committee as described in the Organizational Chart attached and be responsible for communicating all plans on a timely basis. The Executive Board Member overseeing the event shall approve all items relating to the event.
    d) The plan for the event shall be submitted for PTO approval at least 30 days prior to the date of the event or function.
    e) All contracts for outside vendors must be presented to the Executive Board for approval prior to execution; only the responsible Vice-President or President may sign contracts on behalf of the PTO.
    f) Parents shall be used as volunteers as much as possible. No persons outside the school family will be employed at any event without prior knowledge of Executive Board Member overseeing the event and Principal.
    g) To present a final report at the regular meetings of the PTO or if unable to attend submit a written report with the appropriate Executive Board Member for presentation at the regular meeting.
    h) To work within the allocated budget assigned for that event if any.
    i) To propose any budget changes for their committee to the Executive Board for the coming year.
    j) All expenses must first be submitted to the chairperson of the committee for approval. The chairperson will then submit approved expenses to the Treasurer for reimbursement. All receipts and invoices for payment must be submitted within 60 days of the date of each event unless the PTO Treasurer has approved other arrangements.
    k) Is responsible for updating, maintaining, and delivering the committee binder to the new committee chairperson by the June 30th or to the Executive Board upon request.
    ARTICLE XIII: Ways and Means Committee
    SECTION 1.
    The Committee shall consist of the Committee Chair, Committee Co- Chair, current PTO President, and current PTO Treasurer. Prior to the January PTO board meeting, this committee will meet to assign additional committee members. The additional members will be one former Executive Board member and two additional committee members as described in the committee binder.
    SECTION 2.
    The committee shall be responsible for overseeing policy and procedures for the PTO.
    SECTION 3.
    The committee shall be responsible for reviewing and/or updating the PTO Bylaws yearly.
    SECTION 4.
    The committee shall be responsible for managing the Wish List program on an annual basis as described in the committee binder, based on financial results and available funds. This committee will work directly with the Principal of North Barrington School.
    ARTICLE XIV: PTO Newsletter and Website
    SECTION 1.
    The North Barrington School PTO may not be used as a vehicle to announce, endorse, or otherwise advertise any event that is sponsored by a for profit entity.
    SECTION 2.
    The Newsletter and Website may include information about non-profit programs or organizations in accordance with guidelines established by Community Unit School District 220. Information about selected other non-profit organizations or events, may be posted on the PTO website, with the approval of the Executive Board. 
    ARTICLE XV: Faculty Representative
    SECTION 1.
    The teaching staff shall be responsible for the selection of a Faculty Representative from among their number, excluding the Principal.
    SECTION 2.
    The Faculty Representative shall:
    a) Act as liaison between the PTO Board and the teaching staff.
    b) Attend all general meetings.
    c) Assist in the planning and coordinating of school programs.
    d) Give a monthly report of school events and programs to the Board.
    ARTICLE XVI: Parliamentary Authority
    SECTION 1.
    ROBERT'S RULES OF ORDER NEWLY REVISED shall govern this Organization in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these Bylaws.
    ARTICLE XVII: Amendments
    SECTION 1.
    These Bylaws may be amended by a 2/3 (two-thirds) vote at any General meeting or Special meeting provided the membership has been notified in writing of the purpose of such a meeting.
    SECTION 2.
    Every year, the Ways and Means Committee shall review these Bylaws with a view to keeping them in accordance with the continuing and changing activities of the PTO.
    SECTION 3.
    All changes or revisions presented by the Ways and Means Committee to the Bylaws will be submitted for review at a regularly scheduled PTO meeting. The membership shall review these changes and a final vote to approve the revised Bylaws will be taken at the next regularly scheduled PTO meeting.
    ARTICLE XVIII: Miscellaneous
    SECTION 1. 
    In the event that the PTO disbands at some future date, all outstanding bills shall be paid and any remaining funds shall be given to the North Barrington Elementary School to be spent by the Principal of the North Barrington Elementary School with the approval of the outgoing Executive Board.
    Revised January 2014