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    Field Day
    For the 2016-17 school year, Field Day will be held on Friday, May 19th, 2017 at our school. We will have a rain date the following day on Tuesday, May 30th, 2017.  This special day consists of wearing an assigned color shirt per grade level, participating in a variety of games and competitions, celebrating the end of the school with friends, and ending the day with a special treat! The activities offer physical exercise as well as teaching our children basic team-building skills. 
                         All Field Day information is located on this PTO Field Day page!
    Volunteer opportunities for Field Day include becoming a Staging Parent (you stay with the class all day and help the teachers) OR being an Event Parent (you run the actual events as the children rotate through a schedule during the day). Event Parents have the opportunity to volunteer for the whole day or just for an am/pm shift.  The events this year include Balloon Toss, Baggo, Zumba, Soccer, Basketball, Scooters, Relay/Sack Race, Bubbles, Hula Hoops, Water Games and an Obstacle Course.
    ~~~~~~~Info for Field Day 2017 will be updated in the Spring.~~~~~~~
    Volunteers for Field Day 2016 are encouraged use SignUp Genius. Click HERE for the link!
    In addition: 
    • To view the SCHEDULE for all of the classes on this day, please click HERE.
    • To see a MAP of Field Day along with the locations of the events, please click HERE.
    • To read important information for being an EVENT PARENT, please click HERE.
    • To read the instructions for being a STAGING PARENT, please click HERE.
    • Read detailed descriptions of each of the games/event by clicking HERE

    ***Please print the information at home that you need for your volunteer position and bring it the day of the event!***
    Shirt colors for Field Day 2016: 

    • Kindergarten - Green
    • First Grade - Red
    • Second Grade - Blue
    • Third Grade - Yellow
    • Fourth Grade - Orange
    • Fifth Grade - Black/gray

    *all parents will be required to register with our school raptor system to volunteer.  

    If you have never shown your drivers license to volunteer in our school, please stop by prior to field day to get registered in our system. 

    This is a requirement to volunteer.