Display Case

  • As you go through the second set of doors into the main hallway of our school, on the left is a large display case. This area is reserved for PTO committees to showcase information about their committee! Each committee that plans to use the display case for their event or to share information may do so for a two-week block of time. When it is your turn to use the display, you are expected to put it together. You will also be expected to clean out the case on the date agreed upon so that it is ready for the next committee. (Please save any decorations that are not torn and are in good shape). A display box with products such as letters, scissors, staples, etc. will be located in the PTO Room. You can use paper from the front office for the background. If you need any help, please feel free to contact the Display Case Chair. S/he would be glad to help!
    Committee chairs, please send an email describing your committee needs in regards to the display case to the Display Case Chair, and s/he will work to get your time slot on the school year calendar! Please see below for this school year's current calendar and available dates:
    Please refer to the 2016-17 PTO Slate to find the current Chair of this committee as well her his/her contact information.