About Our Library

  • On behalf of the students and staff, welcome to the Countryside Elementary Library Media Center. We are here to serve the needs of all of our patrons. We strive to help our students become life long learners, enthusiastic readers, and responsible users of information in our digital world. Please let us know how we can help you enjoy our wonderful resources and services.

    The staff and students at Countryside Elementary would like to thank the PTO for their continuous support as we optimize success for all students.

    Library Staff

    Please let us know how we can help you!
    Mrs. Paige Green, Library Information Teacher
    Mrs. Michelle Kowalski, Library Technology Assistant

    Behavioral Expectations

    In the library, we expect our students to follow the Wildcat Way by being safe, respectful and responsible.  What does this look like in the library space?
    • Being safe: 
      • use walking feet 
      • use care with all technology
      • follow the trouble shooting steps for technology devices
    • Being Responsible:
      • return library materials on time and in good condition
      • ask for help when needed
    • Being Respectful:
      • use an appropriate inside voice level at all times
      • choose kind
      • take care of our print and digital resources
      • use technology devices appropriately and at designated times

    Library Media Center Hours

    The library is open on school days from 7:55 - 2:45.  Students, staff and parents are always welcome.  

    Library Media Center Checkout

    Welcome!  Please see the schedule below so that you know which day your child will need to return his/her books. Students are not required to wait for their scheduled library class day to return and checkout books.  
    As a rule of thumb...kinders and 1st grade may check out one book each week; 2nd graders may check out up to two books each week (no more than three books checked out total); 3rd grade may have up to three books checked out, 4th grade may have up to four books checked out at one time; and 5th grade may have up to five books checked out at one time. 
    All books check out for one week, so please be sure to have your child bring the books back. Please help your child remember to bring back all three the following week!

    Overdue Items

    Overdue reminders are printed approximately once a grading period. There are no overdue fines. 

    Lost or Damaged Items

    Accidents happen to all of us. Students who lose or damage library materials may be assessed a fine equal to the amount needed to replace the item.  This fine will be assessed through Infinite Campus.  Please do not send payment to the library.  If a book is found and returned, before the book has been replaced or the fine has been paid, all fines will be waived. Please do not attempt to fix any rips or damage to a book at home as we have special materials at the library that we use.  

    Our Library Checkout Schedule

    This is the day that your child will be checking out books from the library each week.

    Mrs. Watson-Monday

    Mrs. Gorges-Tuesday


    1st Grade

    Mrs. Balistreri- Thursday

    Mrs. Darnell - Thursday

    Ms. Joseph - Friday


    2nd Grade

    Ms Burnidge - Friday

    Mrs Ruer - Wednesday

    Mrs Shanfeld - Thursday

    Mrs. Shenck-Friday

    Mrs. Wang-Thursday

    3rd Grade

    Mrs. Durbin - Thursday

    Mrs. McGivern - Wednesday

    Mrs. Kranz- Monday

    Ms. Kendeigh-Tuesday

    Ms. Zander-Friday

    4th Grade

    Ms. Brockway-Tuesday

    Mrs Dionesotes - Thursday

    Ms Juengling - Wednesday

    Mrs. Durbin- Thursday

    5th Grade

    Mr deBruin - Thursday

    Mrs Fontana - Friday

    Mrs Kusch - Monday

    We are looking forward to a growing our reading community this upcoming year!  
    Please contact Mrs. Paige Green @ pgreen@barrington220.org  for more information.