Box Tops for Education

  • Dear Parents & Guardians,

    As the volunteer coordinator for Box Tops for Education at Rose School, I’d like to thank you for your help with our fundraising effort.  Last school year, we raised over $1100! We would love to do the same this year, so please continue to clip your box tops all school year, and send them to school in an envelope or Ziplock sandwich bag with your student. There is a container in each grade level pod for collection, as well as one the floor of the office (across from Mrs. Doty’s desk).

    Many local grocery stores are also providing boxtop incentives in the form of coupons at checkout.  Please logon to the website Sign up to support your school with Box Top sand get customized earnings updates, coupons, recipes and more on this website and enter in the codes as the money will immediately be added to our account. 

    A few other reminders,

    • We also collect/recycle ink cartridges in the lobby
    • We also collect the Campbells soup labels, Labels for Education, and Tyson labels (these products do not earn cash, but rather supplies for school)                
    • We are no longer collecting Capri Sun pouches; please do not place them in collection bins (they make everything sticky).

    Thank you for helping to earn more cash for our school through Box Tops for Education.

    Laura Seifert