• Mission Statement

    “To encourage participation for all students in community service to enrich their education and development, and foster caring, impressionable interpersonal relationships among adults and middle school students. Through reflective and responsive community service learning activities and guidance of the Illinois state social emotional learning standards, students will gain social and selfawareness, improve interpersonal skills, and encourage selfmanagement in order to become responsible, decisionmaking citizens.”

    Potential Areas of Service Learning Interest and Examples:

    • Poverty –food pantries
    • Peers – reading activities with elementary students
    • Elderly – ongoing relationships through crafts and other activities
    • Disability – buddy system with children with disabilities
    • Environment –engagement in community activism
    • World – letters to soldiers

    Station Expectations:

    All students, grade 6th, 7th and 8th will participate in at least one services learning activity in their advisory time frame during the school year.

    Teacher Information