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    Barrington 220’s Vision for a successful student


    A successful Barrington 220 student demonstrates strong character, independence and resiliency, thinks critically and creatively, solves problems and collaborates effectively throughout society.


    6 - 12 Overarching

    Enduring Understandings

    Student will develop an enduring understanding that...



    Red Arrow Self-advocacy

    Self-advocacy and healthy decision making facilitates independence, empowerment, and self-actualization.


    Red Bullet Critical Thinking

    Critical thinking is essential for making informed decisions, generating original ideas, and engaging in a global community.


    Red Bullet Communication

    Competent thinkers and communicators use language effectively in multiple areas of their lives.


    Red Bullet Knowledge Acquisition

    Knowledge is gained by seeking information from diverse sources, contexts, disciplines, and cultures; informed decisions are derived from critically evaluating that information.


    Red Bullet Decision making

    Learning about ourselves and others allows us to make informed decisions in a global society.


    Red Bullet Technology Literacy

    By using prior knowledge, appropriate technology, and logical thinking, learners can analyze data and effectively communicate the reasonableness of solutions and choices.


    Red Bullet Problem Solving

    Problem solving, drawing conclusions and critical thinking are essential for making informed decisions and generating original ideas.