Art Club

Photo of colored pencils

    Mission Statement:

    All kids need a place to belong. Art club will serve as a relationship incubator for kids who are interested in Fine Art, while also giving them the opportunity to further develop their artistic skills and express their unique ideas. 


    All Prairie Students 6-8, who are committed to participating and contributing positively to the club. Each group will be limited to 20 to provide the best possible experience for each student. If more than 20 sign up, we will have an A and B “Team,” and they will attend on alternate weeks. Students will be introduced to art club by the art teachers and in Colt time, and can sign up during lunch time, or by scanning a QR code. Parents will be contacted when students register. Students will be provided with transportation on the activity bus.


    A Choice-Based Art Club. The student members will drive the content and activities undertaken in art club. The sponsor, Ms. Jimenez-Bure, will provide optional instructional demonstrations and materials. Students are encouraged to use the time to create their own meaningful artwork in a fun, social space. No grades will be assigned, and any homework will be completely optional.


    2nd, 4th, and 5th Tuesdays after school at 3:40 PM until 5:00 PM


    Elizabeth Jiménez-Bure
    Art Specialist