Placement, Review & Requests

    Identification of new students in 3rd-8th grade to the district and targeted, current, 4th grade students based on early fall achievement and cognitive data.

    SPRING DATA REVIEW for FALL PLACEMENT (automatic placement):
    Identification of all students in 2nd-7th grade to be placed into Extended Services in the fall of the following school year based on instructional need, culminating achievement, and cognitive data. 

    Identification of all students in 2nd- 4th grade to be placed into Extended Self-Contained Services is based on instructional need, culminating achievement, and cognitive data. Scores on achievement and cognitive assessments must be in the top 1-2%ile nationally and locally.

    Students in 2nd-7th grade who were not found eligible (i.e. automatic placement) for the Extended Resource Services based solely on achievement and cognitive data during the Spring Data Review may go through the full Spring Review Process if Extended Services Program criteria is met. Teacher or parent requests for a student FULL SPRING REVIEW must be made in MARCH; again criteria must be met. See Criteria link in sidebar for Program Criteria and needed data points.

    During the Full Spring Review Process, student performance assessments are administered and various student assessment data are triangulated and submitted to a Review Committee of educators. Student identification for Extended Resource Services is determined by the Review Committee and is final. The Spring Review Process is blind; all student names are removed from work. Parents and teachers will be notified of review results in June.

    Placement decisions for students into Extended Resource Services will be made in the fall for students new to the district and at the end of the school year for current students. Parents and teachers will be notified if placement is being recommended.  

    Spring Review Timeline

    MONTH OF MARCH: Parents may make requests for a Spring Review with the teacher or the Director of Extended Services and Staff Development. However, the student must meet program criteria in order to go through the Spring Review. In some rare cases, a student's instructional need is demonstrated through a teacher's planning that extends beyond the core curriculum/grade level instruction, paired with student class work samples, which allows for a more in-depth review of appropriate placement. This discussion is handled on a case-by-case basis. Again, student's instructional need must be evidenced by the teacher.

    Criteria 2016

    • MARCH: All 2nd and 5th graders take CogAT test (CogAT data is reliable for three years).

    • MARCH 31: Deadline for parents requesting a Spring Review (see end note in red below. Students must fall within the acceptable data range mentioned above).

    • MARCH or APRIL: 2nd-8th graders take MAP

    • MAY: Data Reviewed (CogAT & MAP).

    • APRIL-MAY: Performance Assessments administered to those at or above the local 90%ile verbal and/or quantitative CogAT scores AND those at or above the local 85%ile MAP reading and/or math scores.

      • Students must be in this this range on CogAT and MAP to go through the Spring Review.

    • APRIL-MAY: One-on-One cognitive assessment administered to top 1-2% locally for self-contained extended placement and individual reports are completed.

      • MAY: Elementary Spring Review Committee meets.

      • MAY: Middle School Spring Review Committee meets.

    • First Week(s) of JUNE: All fall extended services placements made. Letters mailed to families.


    ** APRIL: 5th Grade Art Portfolios due (grade 5)

    ** MAY: Art Spring Review Committee meets


    *In most cases, students below this Phase II target range will not go through the Spring Review or take the performance-assessments, even if a parent request is made. This second Phase II range is to afford a more personal and individual review of students who have not met the original program criteria noted in Phase I. These standards are in place to protect the integrity of the District 220 Extended Services Program. See link for Extended Services Criteria for Placement in Grades 3-8.