Audio Visual Services - Technology Department

  • A/V Repairs

    Experiencing technical difficulties with the AV equipment in your room? 
    At the Elementary and Middle Schools, please contact your library information teacher who will assist you in all audiovisual and SMART Board repairs. All other audio visual repairs are routed through Tech Services. Please submit a tech ticket with detailed information.


    Purchase Procedures

    All building requests must prepare an AV Purchase Request Form by librarian which states:

    • the purpose of the equipment
    • the type of equipment being considered
    • the funding source

    Based on the information received, the Technology Department will work with the user to prepare a purchase order that must also be approved and signed by the Assistant Superintendent of Technology and Innovation, after which it is forwarded to the Business Office for processing.

    For Non-Routine Technology & Facility requests, please review procedures & forms.



    This practice and procedure in cooperation with Library and Technology Department is designed to assist the user in acquiring appropriate AV equipment. It is important to ensure that new equipment is compatible withexisting equipment and standardized as much as possible. The ultimate goal is to put the most effective instructional tools into the hands of teachers and, more importantly, to give students hands-on access to technology on a regular basis.