School Bullying Resources

  • Barrington 220 is dedicated to the social-emotional development and safety of all children. This includes the prevention of bullying in our school buildings. Bullying is not a "harmless rite of passage". It can have serious effects on individual victims and the general climate of our schools. Children who are bullied need clear messages of support from adults. Children who engage in bullying need help taking responsibility for their behavior. Prevention efforts include social-emotional curricula, staff training, explicit school-wide behavior expectations, parent-teacher collaboration, and individual student support.

    While all of our buildings are healthy, safe environments for children to learn and grow, bullying behavior can still be present on occasion. Students are encouraged to seek the assistance of teachers and the building principal whenever necessary. In addition, we offer this online reporting form to provide all students with an opportunity to safely report bullying behavior.

    After a report is made...

    1. The reporting student(s) will be interviewed by the building principal.

    2. The offending student(s) will be interviewed and the extent of their involvement will be determined.

    3. Parents will be contacted and the offending student(s) will be assigned a school consequence consistent with the intensity and duration of the bullying behavior.