• The Bid phase at Roslyn took place from September 2021-November 2021. At the Nov. 2 Board of Education meeting, the Board approved bids for the Build 220 construction projects at Countryside Elementary and Roslyn Road Elementary. An estimated total of $13,384,828 will be spent at both schools, which includes all construction costs and non-construction items such as safety and security, furniture and technology. The bids for construction costs that the Board approved came in at $5,024,471 for both schools, which does not include roofing work. 


      • The Build phase at Roslyn is scheduled to take place during Summer 2022. In addition to safety and security upgrades and general repairs/maintenance, key projects include:

        • Renovation of existing space to create a sensory room for students with special needs and a dedicated STEM space
      • Roslyn Projects
      • Roslyn Floor Plan