No Stress Fundraiser

  • In many schools, students (and parents) are asked to sell items or attend events to raise funds for the PTO. At the high school, we keep it simple. The PTO has dues that pay for the operation of the PTO and programs it offers throughout the year. No Stress is the "icing on the cake" that raises money for a specific project in the high school that the administration would love to see done and the PTO feels it can help bring to fruition.

    Any donations made to the No Stress fundraiser go directly to this line item within the budget. In previous years, No Stress has brought about the Quiet Commons, the renovations in the library, and more. These are major projects, and the current wish list is even bigger.

    All donations to the No Stress fundraiser are tax deductible to the maximum allowed by law and are eligible for employee matching gifts. The PTO is a 501(c) non-profit organization. 

    DONATE NOW to help modernize the BHS cafeteria!

    Imagine the BHS cafeteria as an inviting destination with comfortable seating and various groupings that makes it into a place students want to be not just during the lunch hour but throughout the day to study, meet up with students to work on group projects, and more. Currently, students abandon the cafeteria to eat in the Commons or Quiet Commons because those are the more comfortable and inviting places to be.

    Let's create an inviting and inclusive cafeteria experience with a variety of seating types and sizes that fit with today's high school student life. Every dollar makes an impact, whether $10 or $10,000. Questions about the NO Stress Fundraiser? Contact Kristen Bouchard or Michelle Price

    CLICK HERE to donate online or Venmo your donation @barringtonhsPTOtreasurer

No Stress fundraiser flyer with details