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     Within my broader role as the Director of Language Programs and Grants, I provide guidance and support to the Chinese immersion staff, coordinate visits for prospective parents, and plan Parent Information Nights.  Because our knowledge of instructional best practices and resources is ever-expanding, I investigate for teachers opportunities for their on-going and job-embedded professional development.  As our program continues to evolve, and more interest is generated, our Chinese immersion classrooms receive numerous requests for visits from parents and researchers who wish to learn more about the program.  Through our 50-50 immersion model our students learn not just about the language but also about the culture, and so I work with the teachers, students, and principals to provide evening learning opportunities for parents as well.  Each day offers new ideas for ways to improve the program and the students' learning experiences.  As I work on my "Habitudes," I continue to:
    • imagine what we can accomplish together,
    • remain curious about other immersion programs and ways we can learn from them,
    • remain self-aware of our own program's goals,
    • persevere through the unknown as we grow in our understanding of language immersion,
    • have courage and encourage all participants to take risks,
    • share my passion for learning and for helping others learn, and
    • adapt to challenges as they present themselves.

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, and suggestions.  If I do not know the answers right away, I will work on finding them!

    Xie xie!
    Becky Wiegel
    Director of Langauge Programs and Grants