• Course Title: Baking and Pastry Arts

    In Baking and Pastry Arts, students will build upon the baking skills learned in Culinary Arts I and II and practice the preparation of different types of yeast and quick breads, cookies, cakes, pastries, and key culinary techniques such as cake decorating and tempering chocolate. This course provides culinary math, culinary terminology, and practical experiences needed for the development of culinary competencies and workplace skills. Students will practice plating eye catching desserts and designing and decorating their own custom cakes for a special occasion. This class is recommended for students planning to pursue a degree in the culinary or pastry arts as well as culinary enthusiasts. Safety and sanitation instruction and classroom application will prepare students for an industry recognized sanitation exam. Students will be provided opportunity for training experiences on commercial equipment. Additional content may include: event planning, customer service and relations, as well as front of house, back of house, and work station operation.