• Safety Week 2019 (Sept. 23-27) 

    In September 2019 Barrington 220 held its second annual Safety Week. The goal was to raise awareness about school safety among our students, parents, staff and community members.

    At the beginning of each school day, all students viewed a one minute video that has a "Safety 220 Tip of the Day". Each tip corresponded with a safety theme for that day of the week. In addition to a safety tip for students, each video also had one tip for parents.

Photo of Safety 220

    On Tuesday, Sept. 24 at 7pm, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian Harris, Assistant Superintendent of K-12 Schools and Operations Dr. Craig Winkelman and Barrington Police Chief Dave Dorn participated in a Facebook live discussion about safety in our schools. Participants were able to questions and get answers in real time. Click here to view the video.