Career Framework

  • Why a Career Clusters Framework?

    The framework of Career Clusters, Career Pathways, and Programs of Study organizes educational preparation and occupational choices into a unified concept. A Career framework provides a focus and path for students to pursue learning experiences that begin in P-12 education and extend through college to careers.

    Career Clusters

    • Are for all students
    • Create distinct educational plans of study that students can follow from secondary to postsecondary education to the workplace
    • Help create smooth transitions in the educational pipeline and reduce duplication
    • Empower students through information and experiences they need to make informed educational choices
    • Help counselors, teachers, parents, and students design individual plans of study
    • Comprise a key element in enhancing economic development by connecting schools with business and industry

    Who Benefits?

    • Students benefit when there are links between education and careers. Career pathways provide career guidance and a framework for students to plan their future. Students are more motivated when they can see the relevance of their education and are provided with smooth transitions to college and careers.
    • Educators (teachers, counselors, and administrators) benefit when they integrate academic and CTE curricula, partake in professional development, align with other school reform efforts, and receive support. Programs of study also connect educators with local business and industry to ensure that what students learn connects to current and emerging careers.
    • Employers benefit when they have the opportunity to partner with educators to prepare future employees by determining necessary skills, certifications, and current knowledge to succeed in the workforce.
    • Communities benefit when business and industry partners with education for local economic development and educational planning. Higher levels of educational attainment contribute to a healthier local economy.

    What are Career Pathways?

    Career Pathways are multi-year programs of academic and technical study that prepare high school students for a full range of postsecondary options within each of the 16 clusters. Currently, there are 79 nationally recognized pathways, each with a specific pathway knowledge and skills. These pathways provide a context for exploring career options at all levels of education and a framework for linking learning to the knowledge and skills needed for future education and employment.

    *Always consult with your school counselor for help in creating an individualized plan that best meets your specific learning and career goals


    Barrington High School Career Clusters and Pathways

    BHS Career Clusters