Barrington High School Choir Program

  • Choir Program Overview

    Chamber Choir

    This is a highly selective choir geared to upper classmen who intend to continue their choral activities after High School. Numerous public performances are required for the Madrigal Ensemble which is part of this choir. Audition is required.

    Course Description

    Concert Choir
    Concert Choir is a beginning class for students interested in learning how to sing, read music and become part of the BHS choral program. Fundamental singing techniques and musicianship will be emphasized through a wide variety of vocal literature. It is open to both male and female students. This choir will perform three mandatory concerts (fall, holiday, mid winter and spring concerts each year as well as various other opportunities to perform. Performance in evening concerts is mandatory.

    Course Description

    Select Ensemble

    This is an advanced beginner/intermediate choir for grades 10 through 12 female students who have experienced Concert Choir. Students are required to audition for this course. Fundamental singing techniques and music reading will be stressed. Madrigals are a part of this choir. Students perform at the fall, holiday, mid-winter and spring concerts. Performance in evening concerts is a requirement of the course.

    Course Description

    Senior A'Capella
    This is an advanced level choir. Students may enroll if they have 1 year of choral experience or consent of instructor.Students perform at the fall, holiday, mid-winter and spring concerts as well as numerous performances in the community. Change-up Pop Ensemble is part of this choir. Each year there is a great variety of additional choir activities which are handled by the officers.

    Course Description

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  • 2019-2020 Choral Events

    October 1, 2019
    Fall Choir Sampler Concert

    December 6, 2019
    Winter Choir Concert

    December 8, 2019
    Madrigal Banquet

    January 17, 2020
    Middle School/BHS Combined Choir Concert

    February 28, 2020
    A Capella Concert

    March 11, 2020
    Spring Choir Concert

    May 6, 2020
    Spring Choir Concert - Broadway