School Refusal

  • School refusal is an avoidance behavior in which the student will not attend school or if attending, refuses to remain for the day. School refusal is driven by the discomfort a student experiences within the school environment. Unfortunately, the avoidance behavior serves to reinforce and amplify the avoidance and discomfort the student experiences.  It is important for parents to have accurate information about school refusal, it’s roots, and appropriate interventions. In a recent article, Harvard Medical School has provided clarification regarding the origins and characteristics of school refusal. More importantly, Harvard Medical School provides tips to assist parents in breaking the cycle of school refusal.

    School refusal is a complex issue, and as such, it can often be addressed more successfully if schools and parents partner together to support attendance.

    Kevin Art ( has taken the lead in Wellness supporting students struggling with chronic attendance issues. Kevin partners with other school supports to increase the connection between your child and the school community.

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