Social/Global Studies Guiding Principles

  • Social/Global Studies Vision

    Barrington 220 students will develop the ability to independently read, write, think, and speak through rigorous and authentic learning experiences that incorporate a wide range of sources and texts. Students will become active and informed citizens of a democratic society who understand multicultural, national, and global perspectives.

    Guiding Principles

    In an effective Social/Global Studies classroom:

    1. Students have informed and productive discussions on controversial issues and the teacher models how to have a civil and respectful conversation.
    2. Students engage in meaningful research and written reflection to form their own perspective and share their findings with a larger, authentic audience.
    3. Students explore multiple perspectives in both historical and current issues so they can develop informed opinions.
    4. Students are critical thinkers who question, analyze, and interpret primary and secondary sources and evaluate them for accuracy, relevance, perspective, and bias.
    5. Students make their own claims supported with evidence and critique the claims of others using compelling evidence and sound reasoning.
    6. Students participate in decision-making processes and engaging simulations of democratic processes that connect them to the local or global community.
    7. Students work toward independence in the inquiry process.

    Middle School Curriculum - coming soon

    High School Curriculum