2.50 - Truancy

  • Student attendance is critical to the learning process.  Truancy is therefore a serious issue and will be dealt with in a serious manner by the school and district.

    Students who miss 5% or more of the prior 180 regular school days without valid cause are chronic truants.  Students who are chronic truants will be offered support services and resources aimed at correcting the truancy issue.

     If chronic truancy persists after support services and other resources are made available, the school and district will take further action, including:

    • Referral to the truancy officer
    • Reporting to officials under the Juvenile Court Act
    • Referral to the State's Attorney
    • Appropriate school discipline

    A parent or guardian who knowingly and willfully permits a child to be truant is in violation of State law.

    Cross Reference:
    Barrington 220 Policy 7:70, Attendance and Truancy