Grove Conceptual Renovations/Updates

Grove Renovations
  • District Wide Improvements

    Safety and Security Upgrades
    (Covers many different areas of the school)

    Update Classrooms:
    (Covers many different areas of the school)

    Renovate classrooms and install flexible furniture to create spaces that encourage collaboration and transparency between students and teachers, as well as individualized instruction and quiet learning spaces for students.

    Repair and Renovate Aging Building Conditions:
    (covers many different areas of school) 
    Heating, air conditioning, electrical, plumbing and roofs

    Grove Improvements

    eliminate mobiles  Eliminate Mobile Classrooms/Build Additional Classrooms 

    kitchen cafeteria renovations  Create Additional Parking and Improve Traffic Flow (pending approval by IDOT, villages and counties)

    3  Renovate Kitchen  

    4 Create Classroom Space:
    This space would support students with special needs and students who require movement/sensory breaks throughout the school day.