BHS Conceptual Renovations/Updates

BHS Renovations

BHS Renovations
  • District Wide Improvements

    Safety and Security Upgrades
    (Covers many different areas of the school)

    Update Classrooms:
    (Covers many different areas of the school)

    Renovate classrooms and install flexible furniture to create spaces that encourage collaboration and transparency between students and teachers, as well as individualized instruction and quiet learning spaces for students.

    Repair and Renovate Aging Building Conditions:
    (covers many different areas of school)
    Heating, air conditioning, electrical, plumbing and roofs

    BHS Improvements

    eliminate mobiles  Renovate Library:
    Multimedia space that combines technology with print and visual media. This technology-rich environment would have community, regional, and global connectivity, and include spaces for individual, small group, and large group instruction. Flexible furniture and shelving allows for quick rearrangement of the space. Maker spaces and innovation labs are often incorporated into these spaces.

    kitchen cafeteria renovations  Front Entry and Atrium Addition:
    Expand and redesign the main entrance of the school in the form of a multi-level circulation and collaboration hub for students. This would also make this entrance handicap accessible, and include some classroom space and a cafeteria renovation. 

    modernize classrooms  Create Additional Parking and Improve Traffic Flow:
    Renovate parking in front of building, add student/event parking near Hart Rd. PE/ athletic field, add student/event parking near baseball field, relocate loading dock access, create loading dock access road, overhead bridges at Hart Rd.

    4  Renovate Kitchen and Cafeteria

    5  Renovate Student Services spaces (counseling, attendance, health services, dean’s office):
    House student services within one area of building, so students can easily access.

    6  Build New Fine Arts Center/Auditorium:
    2 full-size stages, large set shop, seats for 800 people

    7  Improve PE/Athletic Facilities:
    Create new spaces for PE and student wellness, convert practice field to turf, add Hart Rd. PE/athletic field (turf), renovate varsity baseball field (turf) and Field of Dreams, replace and relocate tennis court, relocate sophomore baseball field (grass)